Providing clean water

Hogen Systems generate the highest quantity of water directly from the surrounding air. The most efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable method of generating safe drinking water. Anytime, anywhere.

Atmospheric Water Generation: Water from Air

Our Mission: to supply sustainable drinking water solutions for areas in need with Atmospheric Water Generation technology.

Hogen Systems specialise in Atmospheric Water Generation technology to produce potable water, directly from the air!

Approximately 50% of people worldwide lack access to safe, clean drinking water. The atmosphere is a freely available, renewable resource that holds billions of gallons of water. The development of innovative technology has allowed us to tap into this abundant resource, providing water globally.

Hogen was established in 2016 and has been focussed on research & development and manufacture of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs). Our patented solutions allow safe, clean drinking water to be produced onsite, almost anywhere in the world.

The drinking water our Atmospheric Water Generators produce meets World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, added minerals can be added to replicate bottled water flavour if desired.

You can see how our technology works here.

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Our solutions are scalable and customisable, machines come in three standardised sizes that can be added together to generate the desired output.

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How Our Technology Works

By using an intelligent control system Hogen’s Water Generators produce the highest amount of potable water using the least energy.

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Need a specially designed customized version or a complete tailored solution for a key remote plant or installation? Hogen can help.

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