Manufacturing Innovation Award Shortlist

Hogen Systems generate the highest quantity of water directly from the surrounding air. The most efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable method of generating safe drinking water. Anytime, anywhere.

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Made in Yorkshire Awards 2024

We are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Manufacturing Innovation Award at the Made in Yorkshire 2024 Awards.

Join us in celebrating on Thursday 7th March, at the New Dock Hall, Leeds. We are incredibly pleased to be recognised for our efforts efforts in advancing sustainable water solutions.

Best of luck to all the other finalists; The Potions Cauldron, ARC Building Solutions and Addition – AddParts. Your dedication to excellence is truly inspiring, and we look forward to an evening of recognition and collaboration. Let’s make it a night to remember; see all the finalists here.

Hogen Systems’ Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) stand as a pinnacle of innovation in the manufacturing landscape, earning well-deserved recognition as a finalist for the Manufacturing Innovation Award. Pioneering a revolutionary approach to water sourcing, our AWGs harness cutting-edge technology, including unique materials and patented processes. By seamlessly extracting moisture from the air to produce clean drinking water, our systems eliminate the need for traditional water sources. For more information on our AWG range visit our technology page. The synergy of advanced engineering and sustainability embedded in Hogen’s AWGs is markedly transforming the manufacturing sector. Being a finalist for this prestigious award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, sustainability, and manufacturing excellence. You can get tickets to join us in celebrating here!

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