Hogen Systems generate the highest quantity of water directly from the surrounding air. The most efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable method of generating safe drinking water. Anytime, anywhere.

Water, World-Wide: Anytime, any place, anywhere

Hogen’s Water Generators are suitable for use in a diverse range of applications.

With a range of modular water generation solutions we have a scalable solution for you whatever your need as units can be added together in series to generate your desired yield.

Examples of where Atmospheric Water Generation can be effectively used include remote locations such as offshore platforms, the desert, military deployments, disaster relief applications, livestock and agricultural farming, small medical facilities and even super yachts.

In fact Hogen Generators can be supplied for use anywhere in the world that has a power source available.

  • Hogen’s unique patented technology ensures for optimum efficiency in water generation
  • The Hogen Water Generator provide solutions ranging from 10 up to 2,500 litres of clean water per day with the use of multiple units
  • The Hogen Water Generator produces potable water for <$0.05 per litre
  • Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) is good for the environment as it reduces single-use plastic waste and removes the need for transportation which reduces your carbon footprint
Hogen Systems

Hogen’s range of Water Generators enables us to build you a system precisely right sized to match your specific application.